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We are a not for profit organization, offering a variety of classroom instructor taught Boating Safety and Navigation courses in English at Lower Canada College (LCC) in Montreal (NDG) and at Royal St Lawrence Yacht Club Dorval.Boating safety manual Our free study manual is available to you in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

A Guide on Obtaining a Boating License in Ontario, Canada

Andersen and his buddy both had Canadian fishing licenses and their boat met all the safety requirements.Canadian Ship Station License To start, Ship Station Licensing is handled by Industry Canada.These lakes and waterways have made boating a very popular recreational activity in Ontario.

We offer a Transport Canada approved online boating course and exam for the Pleasure Craft Operator Card, required by Canadians operating powered pleasure boats in all provinces.All Canadians are now required by federal law to carry a boating license when operating a powered water craft.Our Captain's License Prep Guide is designed to fully prepare you to pass the Coast Guard license exam for Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (6 passenger or 6 pack license, commonly called a Charterboat Captain's License), and Master's licenses for Inland or Near Coastal waters, up to 100 gross tons.All recreational boaters, both foreign and domestic, are expected to know the rules that govern their safe enjoyment in Canadian waters.

The two categories are: The two categories are: Passengers for hire on uninspected vessels (ie, your boat).

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There are exceptions though, such as when recreational vessels are sailing to foreign ports, who they are communicating with, and the type of radio equipment being used.You can also refer to the boating safety education material while you take the Transport Canada online boating test.Theoretically, the document should also be recognized in all 50 U.S. states, just as it is in the rest of the world, but sadly that is not always the case.The Governor General of Canada has signed into law an agreement that will ease the restrictions on any U.S. boater that crosses any shared border water. Gov. General David Johnston signed into law a bill drafted by Canadian Sen.

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Complete any of our online Canadian Registry Forms in just 3 easy steps.Licence fees vary for Ontario residents, Canadian residents and Non-Canadian residents.

Canadian Vessel Registry Secure Online Transport Canada Register of Vessels application process.The licenses are broken down into various grades under two main sets of legal requirements that govern what you will use the license for.For those looking to apply, we have included the application form (IC3020EA) that you may download, complete, and then print out for submission to your nearest Industry Canada district office.

One alternative to the in person reporting requirement is the Canadian Border Boat Landing (I-68) Program, which allows certain applicants entering the United States by small boat to telephonically report their arrival to CBP.

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Reporting requirements for private boaters says that you should call the Canadian Telephone Reporting center if you enter Canadian waters from the U.S. but do not intend to actually enter Canada.Acquire the necessary documentation for both your boat and passengers.Requirements and application process for the Canadian Border Boat Landing Program (I-68 Permit Program).

Get your pleasure craft operator card today, in 3 easy steps and valid for life.In order to minimize the number of recreational boating accidents, the Canadian Government enacted laws about how users should.Canadian officials told the boater he would need to immediately.

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We are offering this course through International Yacht Training Worldwide.

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A valid state boat license is required when towing a boat across the border by car as well as when crossing by water.You must hold the Sail Canada Intermediate Cruising Standard, Coastal Navigation, and VHF-DSC Radio License or equivalent in experience or certification.Take the official boater license exam approved by Transport Canada.

In all the other main varieties of English, licence is the noun, and license is the verb.You need to pass the course and online exam to have your pleasure craft operator card.

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The BoatUS Foundation offers the only FREE online boating safety course developed specifically for your state.Andersen managed to pay with a credit card, but the incident, which seemed to mark a dramatic change in Canadian policy on border enforcement for boaters and fishermen, has ruffled feathers all the way to Washington.

In the case of recreational boaters, for the most part, no license will be required.Both houses of the Canadian federal government have passed a new law that when enacted will lift several years of uncertainty concerning the rights of American boaters and anglers on the St.


We are a 3rd party agency that handles Candian Vessel Registration processing.In recognition of the importance of travel and leisure to Canadian communities, the CBSA takes a practical approach to the application of the law.

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